Introducing E3D's 60 Second Tips!

Introducing E3D's 60 Second Tips!

Hi I’m Sam from E3D’s marketing team., and you probably have no idea who I am.

Well, if you keep up to date with this blog at all you might be familiar with my work, the last few posts spanning back to October have all been written and illustrated by me. 

At the TCT show 2018

I actually joined E3D not long before that- it was around mid-2018 and when I first joined, I won’t lie: I was a 3D printing noob. But through my journey with E3D not only have I gained tonnes of experience, I’ve been thrust into this fantastic and crazy 3D printing world. In the short time since I started, I’ve been fortunate enough to:

  • Have spent time with and have the opportunity to pick the minds of Tom Sanladerer, James Bruton, Josef Prusa, Richard Horne and come tantalisingly close to meeting Adrian Bowyer himself
  • Have partied with the Prusa, 3DGence and BCN3D staff after hours at TCT
  • Have now confirmed that I’ll be flying to America to attend MRRF 2019 and see all the crazy projects people use 3D printing for in person.

But the most significant thing that’s happened to me is that I’ve fallen in love with E3D & 3D printing as a medium and have been fortunate enough to be surrounded with a wealth of knowledge from so many experienced makers and engineers.

We at E3D live for helping the community grow and thrive. But when we’re fronted by a man such as Sanjay who is infamous for his vast wealth of knowledge, it’s only natural that he goes into crazy levels of depth with every question he’s asked (and sometimes those he isn’t asked), and all too often us mere mortals sometimes get left behind.

As a new maker myself, I soon came to realise that this offload of information can be pretty daunting, so I thought it’d be nice to produce some more easily digestible content, especially targeted to those new to 3D printing.

I want to help push E3D’s educative ambitions to welcome a whole new class of people to discover and gain a better understanding of 3D printing but without wasting anyone’s time by cranking up the length of the videos.

What is more, every so often I gain insight from our experienced engineers which is different to what I’ve read online, and often this knowledge proves to be so vital, that I believe it needs an outlet to be shared with the rest of the community.

This is why we’ve produced 60 Second Tips: a bitesize series laden with vital knowledge and unique tips presented in a very ‘E3D’ sort of way.

Videos will stay succinct and focus on the core knowledge. Accompanying blog posts will feel a little more ‘Sanjay’ and will offer a little more in-depth knowledge should you wish to know more about the subject.

Check out the first episode here!

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