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Chimera+ is compatible with the E3D ecosystem, meaning you can upgrade your setup to your desired specifications. Choose from our range of heater blocks, temperature sensors, heater cartridges and nozzles.


The use of two independently temperature-controlled heater blocks allows the possibility of printing two different filament types at once. For example, you can print with two different coloured PLA filaments at once for dual coloured prints. Or you can use two different filament types such as PLA and a PVA support material for complex shapes with cleaner support removal.

Water cooling 

The water-cooled variant of Chimera + is useful for heated build chambers where air cooling is not suitable i.e. ambient temperatures more than 40°C. This makes Chimera + one of our most versatile HotEnds, enabling high-temperature printing of materials such as PEEK with a suitable high-temperature support material.

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