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V6 All-Metal HotEnd from £39.20 (ex. VAT)
Titan Aero Kit from £83.70 (ex. VAT)
Titan Extruder from £31.90 (ex. VAT)
Volcano HotEnd from £40.30 (ex. VAT)
Prusa V6 HotEnd (MK2 & MK3) from £41.00 (ex. VAT)
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V6 Nozzles from £4.20 (ex. VAT)
Volcano Nozzles from £4.50 (ex. VAT)
SuperVolcano Nozzles from £9.50 (ex. VAT)
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News 10 Jul 20
Hemera Changelog- what we've changed before relaunch
We've made a few changes to Hemera before we brought it back to the virtual shelves.
News 28 May 20
We've launched our new website!
We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our new website!
News 07 Apr 20
E3D COVID-19 Update
We’re proud of our community in the face of this pandemic.
Extruders 18 Mar 20
Hemera Issues Clarification and Update
We’d like to clarify a few things about Hemera
New Products 29 Nov 19
E3D Hemera - A Next Generation Extrusion System
E3D Hemera is the best extrusion system we’ve ever made, read about it here.
Events 07 May 19
3D Meetup Sweden in a Nutshell
E3D's review of 3D Meetup Sweden. Thanks for a great show guys, we'll be back!
Motion System 18 Apr 19
ToolChanger: The update you've all been waiting for...
We’ve reached design lock, production parts have been ordered and we aim to start shipping the first batch of machines in late July. ToolChanger is available to buy now!
Events 05 Apr 19
Experiencing Midwest RepRap Festival for the first time (MRRF Review)
MRRF was fantastic, the community came out in full force and we met lots of interesting and cool individuals. Merchandise ended up being an overwhelming success and we sold everything, aside from a few 3.00mm nozzles.