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Edge: The filament we always wanted

SpoolWorks Edge is a new material we’ve been working on and optimising for some time now, it combines the toughness and resilience of ABS, with ease of use that comes close to PLA, and adds a whole bunch of really superior processing properties that make printing the stuff a real dream.

Slaying the Dragon-Off: 2015 Winners

We had so many great prints to choose from thanks for entering our DragonOff!
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Are Abrasives Killing Your Nozzle?

We’ve developed a new, incredibly wear-resistant nozzle that basically eliminates wear, and they’re available in a range of popular sizes for both E3D V6 and Volcano nozzles.
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Lite6: The low-cost, high-quality HotEnd for everyone!

We know that not everybody needs the all-metal high-temperature performance of an E3D-v6. We’ve come to realise that there exists a need for a HotEnd that is reliable, and puts out great prints, but meets the budget of those who are just getting started in 3D printing.
HotEnds, New Products, Nozzles, Product Updates

Volcano: Print bigger, faster, and stronger

There’s no getting around the fact that 3D printing is a slow process. Even with extremely fast motion systems of modern machines like delta robots we’re still stuck waiting hours for even simple parts to come off the machine

E3D has a solution