Revo Sprite Upgrade Guide

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  • Be aware of your electronics. Please don't work on your printer while it's turned on. We advise disconnecting from the mains during installation and maintenance.
  • Be aware when you heat up your new HotEnd not to burn yourself on the HeaterCore or Nozzle.
  • Do not change the Revo nozzle whilst hot always wait to cool to room temperature.
  • The standard Revo HeaterCore can print up to 300°C, do not exceed these temperatures!
  • Make sure you have ordered and received the correct voltage heater and fan to match your printer's power supply.
  • Connecting 12v parts to a 24v power supply can result in overheating, component damage, or fire if you are unsure double check the rating on your power supply.
  • Your HotEnd and your printer are your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the use, misuse or abuse of our products.
  • We provide these guides as a reference to show that it is possible to mount E3D products to various 3D printers. Users should be mindful that these guides aim to make it easier to mount our HotEnds and Extruders to your printers. However, in most cases, our HotEnds and Extruders are not official drop-in replacements and will most likely void the warranty you have with your printer manufacturer.
  • E3D parts are intended for indoor use only, we cannot be responsible for issues caused through the operation of our products outside.

Note: Your own 3D Printer setup and filament choice will have an effect on the maximum VFR you can achieve so bear this in mind when referring to these values.

You can get yourself an upgrade kit with everything you need to convert your Creality Sprite Extruder to Revo Sprite Extruder here: 

    Your upgrade kit will have the following components:

  • Fan duct and its corresponding screws.
  • Probe spacer and its corresponding screws.
  • Revo hotend with a spring, adaptor and nozzle.

During this upgrade, you will need: 

  • 1 x 2.5mm hex key
  • 1 x 2.0mm hex key
  • 1 x 1.5mm hex key
  • Revo Sprite upgrade kit
  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver

Before you start the upgrade, make sure to do the following steps:

  • Unload any filament.
  • Unplug your printer from the power source.


1. Identify the 4 cap head screws located on the right side of the extruder. Unscrew them using 2.5mm hex key. Make sure to keep the screws somewhere safe, as they will be used later. 

Step 1.svg__PID:50d2ee10-18db-4349-95d0-a167eda7b9f9

As the screws are tightening the bracket holding the extruder, we recommend that you hold the extruder while unscrewing the last screw because the extruder may fall and damage your build plate.

2. Carefully remove the extruder by isolating it from the holding bracket. 

2. Isolate the extruder.svg__PID:13d6b4d4-4587-45ef-930c-4f1335b589fc

3. Locate the grub screw on the heatsink. You can easily access it from the back of the extrduer. To remove it, turn it counterclockwise using a 2.0mm hex key, making one full rotation.

Step 33.svg__PID:3b7e9c14-5620-47be-9451-3c92a28a776d

4. Locate the vertical screws holding the hotend, and unscrew them using a 1.5mm hex key. 

stock sprite extrduer with two screws in hotend.svg__PID:329d7c34-ad74-4c10-9c68-af7b891fd050

Make sure to remove the hotend's socket so that you can have an easy access to the screws. 


5. Mount your Revo Sprite adapter, and be mindful of the orientation. 

Step 5.svg__PID:3b5ea4df-6b78-48f3-ae70-6d5e1176d69c

It's essential to ensure the flat section of the Revo sprite adaptor is facing towards you during assembly so that the grub screw has a flat surface to tighten against.

6. Locate the grub screw on the heatsink, and tighten your Revo sprite adaptor with a 2.0mm hex key.

step 6.svg__PID:16e88785-61c2-4110-bc40-4a9be9c8f706

7. Plug the heater (red-striped) and thermistor (yellow) cables into the mainboard.

step 77.svg__PID:7cfea0e1-ce8e-4af6-ab8e-97546dac1247

8. Identify the probe spacer, and remove it using a 2.5mm hex key. 

remove probe.svg__PID:3876dcd5-27fc-4d79-ba19-6c065ecb5c86

You will not need these screws again as longer ones are provided in the upgrade kit. 

9. Identify the fan duct, and remove the 3 screws holding it using a 2.0mm hex key. 

remove V6 fan duct.svg__PID:5d2bfe2c-6c12-46cb-b8b9-cf86351bae53

10. Remove the 4 screws using a 1.0mm hex key, and keep the fan to mount it on the new duct. 

remove fan.svg__PID:c5e51ed8-dec4-4d9f-8a07-c135031b6a3c

11. Identify the probe spacer, and place it between the CR touch and the bracket. Tighten it using a 2.5mm hex key. 

Step 8.svg__PID:4f067ef2-37bd-4457-989a-98a46db3138e

Make sure to use the screws provided in the upgarde kit which are slightly longer. 

12. Mount the fan on the duct and tighten it using the self tapping screws. 

Step 9.svg__PID:2daa851f-7f61-4c49-8397-f24abbd67f45

Be mindful of the fan's mounting direction so that the air blows towards the tip of the nozzle!

13. Mount the Revo Sprite fan duct on the extruder. 

Step 102.svg__PID:3d0adb76-209c-4198-8b3b-89e41e2774a0

14. Mount the Revo Sprite extruder on the printer's bracket. Tighten all screws using a 2.0mm hex key.

Step 111.svg__PID:dcf2ce8d-26f0-4b4a-8603-e525958bdc62

Before you start your first print with the Revo Sprite extruder, it's essential to check whether any adjustments to the z-offset are necessary.


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