Note: Your own 3D Printer setup and filament choice will have an effect on the maximum VFR you can achieve so bear this in mind when referring to these values.

Revo Volumetric Flow Rate Calculator

Volumetric flow rate (mm³/s) is the throughput of filament out of a HotEnd. The max volumetric flow rate is the limit at which the requested volume of filament is able to be reliably extruded. Beyond this point under extrusion occurs, resulting in compromised/ failed prints.

Volumetric flow rate is filament and temperature-dependent. Generally speaking, the lower the viscosity of the material the higher the possible flow rate. On a related note, most materials used in FDM 3D printing become less viscous the higher the printing temperature you are using.

Area of a stadium = π × r2 + 2 × r × a
a = w - h
r= layer height / 2
w= track width
h= layer height




Volumetric flow rate

Just because a hot end is advertised with a specific flow rate, it doesn't mean your setup will be able to fully utilise that figure! - part cooling, motion system rigidity, and electronics will all impact the final result.

When comparing flow rate data from different manufacturers pay attention to how they have calculated their flow rate value. We look at the same calculation that slicers commonly use, however, there is a simpler (less realistic) value that is often used.

Beware of manufacturers who use the following: Volumetric flow rate (mm³/s) = Speed (mm/s) x Extrusion width (mm) x Layer height (mm)