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Look closer

  • Optimised heatsink design
  • Dual drive gear train
  • Compatible with the E3D ecosystem
  • T slots

Hemera features

  • Dual Drive

    E3D Hemera features a dual-drive, hardened stainless steel drive train, which provides a huge boost in grip compared to single drive systems; we are able to drive filament with 10kg of force.

    Individually CNC cutting each hobb tooth allows for a round-bottomed root, with a tooth that curves upwards to a robust, sharp tip. The round bottom of the profile strongly resists filament debris wedging into the drive gear and in almost all cases it’s self-cleaning as any debris simply falls off the teeth.

  • Compact, Integrated System

    Hemera is a system of components designed to work seamlessly together as a single product, creating a compact extrusion system with a reduced part-count.

    Hemera has a custom motor, based on a NEMA 17 frame, with our own bespoke faceplate which allows the motor itself to be part of the extruder housing. We’ve also added convenient versatile mounting T-Slots on both sides, which makes it simple to mount to printers, and provides useful mounting points for accessories such as part-cooling and bed-levelling systems.

  • Unparalleled Flexible Printing

    Hemera constrains your filament like no other extrusion system. You won’t truly ‘get’ the impact of the optimised constraint that Hemera provides until you’ve printed flexibles with it. But trust us - the performance is second to none and also has a significant impact on printing normal materials such as PLA or PETG.

  • Optimised Heatsink

    This new heatsink design was a result of extensive testing to ensure that airflow is diverted up and away from both the HotEnd and the heated bed, reducing the risk of warping and uneven stresses forming in the printed part.

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