Bambu High Flow Slicing Guide

Without changing any settings the E3D ObXidian High Flow hotend provides a smoother more reliable extrusion experience, however to make the most out of the increased volumetric flow rate capacity there are some slicing considerations to bear in mind to get the most out of your new setup.

The simplest change to make is simply increase the volumetric flow rate limit of the filament profiles and let Bambu Studio handle the rest. Bambu Studio will calculate the speed of the perimeter and infill moves in order to never print above this set limit so by increasing it to an E3D suggested max limit you will see a decrease in overall print time without any extra printer setting changes.

Annotated Bambu Slicer.jpg__PID:d2ae0fa7-f59e-4377-8a50-54799f8be0dd

1. Select the closest generic filament profile, then select edit.

2. Enable advanced mode.

3. Overwrite the max volumetric speed value based on our recommended max values.

PLA Profiles


PETG Profiles