Written by Will Hardy


TL; DR: When INDART3D recently kitted out their Tumaker line of 3D printers with Revo Hemera XS, they noticed a significant increase in sales. Read on to find out more about their special 3D Printers and what they've been up to recently! 

Tumaker 3D Printers - Even better with Revo Hemera XS!

We caught up with INDART3D’s CEO Ivan Sardón at this year’s Formnext show and were very excited to see Revo Hemera XS as their Direct Drive option of choice on their range of Tumaker 3D printers.  

Tumaker has been manufacturing printers since 2014, with Ivan being one of their very first employees. Fast forward to 2020 and the Tumaker brand was acquired by IT3D and INDART3D. IT3D Group handles the international distribution of the brand with INDART3D heading up Research and Development.  

“We fell in love with Revo Hemera XS as soon as we saw it. We had our own head, but we were looking for one that could work with a wide range of materials, including flexible materials, and that would give good quality, be easy to use... Also, as this requires a constant evolution of the head to be up to date, we also wanted a team that was going to keep developing it. For these reasons, we chose E3D and their Hemera Revo XS.” 

- Ivan Sardón, CEO INDART3D

The selling point of Tumaker printers doesn’t end with the E3D extrusion system. We especially like their printers’ configurable and customisable nature. You can opt for a Single or dual (IDEX) print head, various print bed sizes and even a Pellet Extruder! Yes, that’s right, you can combine a Pellet Extruder with a Revo Hemera XS in the same printer. The machines are so sturdy that we’re reliably informed that they can be turned on their side and still deliver stellar print quality!  

📷 This display machine at formnext had a Pellet Extruder and Revo Hemera XS on the same X-axis! 

INDART3D aren’t trying to sell you a specific machine or configuration. Their aim is to tailor a machine to match your needs, so you have a printer that suits your workflow.  

📷 + 📹 The Tumaker Bigfoot Pro. This one had 4x Revo Hemera XS on the same printer! 

Ivan also told us about their vision for a circular economy. In what is an ever-growing industry, it’s important that we come up with solutions to deal with the plastic waste we generate. Incorporating a pellet extruder into their machines is one way for them to begin giving a second opportunity to filament waste. They also shouted out 3devo’s filament makers. They have an idea for next years Formnext to bring a limited amount of filament to the show (say 100 grams) and continually print and recycle it right there on the stand. 

📷 3devo's filament makers. Image Source.

Despite their machines apparent complexity, INDART3D still regard their machines as easy to use. In fact, they’ve got children as young as 8 involved with their 3D printers. Revo is an ideal system for the educational environment, being safer and more intuitive. Children can get hands-on with Revo, changing nozzles themselves with no risk of injury.

“As an after-school course we do a weekly class with children from 8 years old. We teach them how to design with Tinkercad, how to make the gcodes and how to use a MiniPro printer with Hemera XS head. They design small projects that they print out and assemble. We also run workshops and more intensive 30-hour courses for adults, using the same printers.”  

Although their 3D printers are rather large, INDART3D have been putting our 0.15mm Revo Nozzles to work. As you can see, they’ve managed some ridiculously small prints that can definitely rival some SLA printers! If you’re interested in learning more about FDM on such a small scale, check out our 0.15mm Revo Nozzle blog

📷 We can't believe it's not SLA!

Make your printer even better with genuine E3D

E3D are here to help, we’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate. Whether you’re looking to integrate our products into your system like INDART3D or want something totally custom, don’t hesitate to reach out

We thoroughly enjoying chatting to Ivan at Formnext and we look forward to catching up with him and hearing all about INDART3D’s successes next year.