The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation

The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation

About The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation


Our dear friend and E3D co-founder Sanjay Mortimer tragically passed away last year at the age of 32. Sanjay’s reach was global, and news of his death sent shock waves around the world. His legacy must live on, so we’ve launched a charitable foundation in his memory to support gifted potential engineers, who may not be able to progress without funding, and for whom mainstream education may not be working in some way, with a focus on those with ADHD.

Sanjay himself suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He was always open about this condition and the challenges it brought, and he was determined to not let it define him.

Those who knew Sanjay up close could quickly see he was a visionary with a brilliant mind. His capacity to think unconventionally drove much of the progress our company and the 3D printing industry has enjoyed. The way he addressed this condition and the success he achieved, combined with his immense passion for 3D printing, are why we've formed the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation (SMF).


Kicking off our fundraising

E3D invites you to join us for our first SMF fundraising event, which will be held at E3D HQ, Oxfordshire, UK on Saturday 11th June 2022.

We’re putting on a circus-themed extravaganza, which promises to be wild – just like Sanjay.

Tickets for the event are priced at £150 per person, with all proceeds going to the SMF. Your VIP ticket will include the ultimate festival experience, the chance to party with key 3D printing influencers, E3D HQ tours, live circus entertainers, BBQ food, local beer and cider which you can enjoy in your own Sanjay tankard, plus unforgettable live performances, all wrapped up in a magical atmosphere. 

Parking is available on site and we have arranged a coach to transport everybody into Central Oxford for the 'After Party' at 8pm.

Where can I buy tickets?


We’re selling a limited number of tickets, so don’t miss your chance to be part of an exclusive global 3D printing event that will raise money for a wonderful cause – Sanjay Mortimer Foundation.

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Event sponsors

We'd like to kindly thank our event sponsors for their generous donations to the auction, Zaxe, Voron, Prusa, Creality, Protopasta, Polymaker, Vector Finesse to name a few and to one very special person who'll soon be revealed for agreeing to be our live Auctioneer! For those of you unable to make the event, we've got you covered, the auction will also be available online so you don't miss out on the fun.

If you’re reading this and would like to sponsor or donate raffle/auction prizes to the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation, then please reach out to us on


A little more detail about the SMF

We are still finalising everything around the charity and are in the final stages of opening the bank account (so we can receive all your lovely donations). As mentioned above, beneficiaries of the foundation will be children/young adults (14 – 21 yrs) who are:

Gifted & talented and lack the finances or practical resources to fulfil their full potential


Who have a statemented Special Educational Need (SEN), focusing on ADHD, and are struggling within mainstream education

The SMF will build partnerships hubs around the world to find and assist these individuals. In the first year, the foundation will focus on a local technical college, 2 x UK makerspaces and 1 x US makerspaces. As the foundation becomes more established, we will look to increase our partnerships in number and geographically. Successful candidates will be assessed individually and could benefit through:

  • Access to funding – to enable them to receive financial, practical or educational resource
  • Access to equipment – to allow them to further their interests or research
  • Access to opportunities – internships, placements with our partners

More details to follow but if you’re interested in partnering with us, or want to help with the SMF, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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