6 Revo spares you can buy today

6 Revo spares you can buy today

TL;DR: We’re selling spares for our Revo ecosystem that will ship worldwide without delay!


We're always impressed by the inventiveness of the 3D printing community. Diamondback recently shared this impressive Bosch-style toolkit for Revo spares with us on Discord.

Revo cold sides

Revo Bosch-style toolbox by Diamondback. STL? STL? STL? Don't worry! All the designs available on Printables!


Where can I buy Revo spares?

If you're in the market for some Revo spares, you'll be glad to know we’re offering a range of them you can buy right now. No pre-order nonsense this time: they’re shipping worldwide immediately! Buy Revo spares directly from us in the UK, or if you prefer you can buy from our global resellers.

Here’s a rundown of some top Revo spares and accessories we’re offering: 


1. Revo Hemera Upgrade Kit

Maybe you already have a classic Hemera and don’t want to buy a whole new one to try Revo out. We’re not going to force you to do that – because that would be bad.

That’s why we’ve released our Revo Hemera upgrade kit. It includes a Revo Hemera heatsink, Revo HeaterCore, and your choice of either one, or a whole set of Revo Nozzles.

To get it set up, all you need to do is swap out the old Hemera heatsink and put the new one on. Clip on the HeaterCore to the lip on the bottom, insert your favourite Revo Nozzle, and you’re ready for greater extrusion force, a tight filament path, and excellent performance with flexible materials with the added convenience of quick nozzle changes without tools or hot tightening. This updated heatsink keeps compatibility with older V6 nozzles, too. If you want to use your old V6 nozzle collection, just fit your old Hemera heatbreak!

Need extra help? We’ve prepared an upgrade guide to walk you through it.

Hemera conversion

Buy a Revo Hemera Upgrade Kit


2. Spare Revo HeaterCores

Maybe you like to keep spares on hand so you’re not waiting for Royal Mail or FedEx if something goes wrong with your 3D printer.

Maybe you have a set of Revo Nozzles and several 3D printers. Or even a print farm!

Spare Revo HeaterCores are good to have on hand. If something should go wrong with one of them, swap it out with a new one so you can get back up and running quickly without downtime. No waiting for a new one to be delivered before you can 3D print again!

Don't forget, our customer support team are on hand to help you out if anything stops working as expected.


We are selling spare Revo HeaterCores, Tom! You can pick them up using the link below


Buy spare Revo HeaterCores


3. Extra Revo Nozzles

Currently we sell brass Revo Nozzles in 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm sizes, with more advanced variants coming!

When you change Revo Nozzles, it completely refreshes the area that’s been in contact with molten plastic. This can be used to great effect if you use specialised filaments like Tinkerz does:

Buy spare Revo Nozzles


4. Revo Micro fans

Each Revo Micro comes with a tiny, ultra-quiet 5V fan. There's also a 24V DC to 5V DC regulator in the box so you can tap voltage from your 3D printer's PSU to power it.

Sometimes, people don't read the documentation and hook 24V directly to the Revo Micro fan without using the regulator. Unfortunately using anything over 5V DC for your Revo Micro fan will kill it! If you only had one fan on hand, it means your cold side without a fan won't extrude properly because of heat creep and you'll have to wait for a new one to ship.

Thankfully, we’ve made spares Micro fans available. We recommend stocking up with a few so your 3D printing operation doesn't have stop if you accidentally fry things.

And once again, don't forget our customer support team are on hand to help you out if needed.

Buy spare Revo Micro fans


5. Revo Micro fan ducts

What use is a HotEnd fan without a fan duct? These injection moulded fan ducts clip right onto your Revo Micro heatsink so you can keep your Revo Micro cold side ...cold.

If you've blown out a Micro fan, you won't need a whole new fan duct – it's simple to clip in a new one to your existing duct. But if the duct snaps or gets melted somehow, this is the time you will need spares!

Buy Revo Micro fan ducts


6. Revo Fully Loaded Sock Pack

Just like real socks, Revo silicone socks sometimes get worn or misplaced. That's why we're selling spare socks in colour-coded packs. Each kit includes ten socks: that's two socks for each Revo Nozzle size, and an additional two for the Revo HeaterCore.



Buy Revo Fully Loaded Sock Packs


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We have more exciting Revo spares planned as the Revo ecosystem grows! Keep up to date with what's coming by following us on our socials and on Discord, where you can chat with us in real time and exchange tips and tricks with 3D printing experts. Don't forget, our customer support team are on hand to help you out with any E3D products you purchase.

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