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Calling all Prusa users: It's time for an upgrade!

TL;DR: We explain the process of upgrading your Prusa to Revo and talk about the benefits of making the switch.

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 Did you know most Prusa 3D printers ship with E3D parts? The Prusa MK2, MK3, MK3S, etc are just some of them, and each uses an E3D V6 as standard! 


The need for a new solution

The V6 has been a reliable workhorse in over one hundred thousand Prusa machines across the world, but with the release of our new Revo ecosystem, it’s time for an upgrade. Our ten years in the industry has clearly shown us that swapping nozzles has always been a major pain point for any 3D printer user, whether they’re a hobbyist or an OEM.

  • If you’re a hobbyist, hot tightening is a necessary step when changing V6 nozzles. It involves heating your HotEnd to nearly 300 degrees and using tools to tighten the nozzle to the heaterblock. Lots can go wrong during this process, including burns and nozzle leaks.
  • If you’re an OEM, your customers are going to be burdened with the responsibility of hot tightening themselves if they want to change nozzles. In fact, some OEMs we’re partnered with won’t even support hot tightening as they consider the process too dangerous, even when it’s technically possible to do.
  • Subtractive manufacturing has had the ability to quickly and easily swap tools for decades. Additive is still lagging behind, with users heating things to 300 degrees, hot tightening, and often left hoping for the best.
  • Lots of users can’t see a reason to change nozzles beyond their trusty 0.40mm, often because the idea of hot tightening is intimidating.


Once you’ve experienced Revo, you’ll no longer feel limited by the hassle of nozzle changing. Revo makes it easy – just screw in a nozzle finger-tight, and you’re ready to 3D print. No tools, no hot tightening.


 RapidChange Revo is a new product range from E3D that improves on the shortcomings of the V6 ecosystem with a particular focus on ease of use and safety


Why should I upgrade to Revo?

An obvious benefit of Revo is you can change nozzles cold in less than 60 seconds. The ease of use and safety improvements this brings has already created some hot anticipation  from the 3D printing community before it’s even released!  

The improvements don’t end there though:

  • Revo offers a considerable improvement on heat up and cooldown times thanks to its HeaterCore technology.
  • Revo Nozzles offer a factory sealed assembly which means no more annoying HotEnd leaks.
  • Revo Nozzles are colour-coded and engraved so you’ll never be left wondering whether your 0.60mm might actually be a 0.40mm.
  • The Revo ecosystem is just getting started, with lots of exciting options on the way. You’re in for a treat!


Changing Revo Nozzles for the first time at formnext 2021


How will Revo improve my Prusa?

Revo Six is a great upgrade for any 3D printer that already uses a V6. You’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits we listed earlier. They both have the same form factor, and this means you won’t need to print any new parts or adjust your fan shroud/Pinda probe. You don’t need any firmware changes, either. 

Changing Nozzles on the MK3S+ before and after the Revo Six upgrade


How easy is this upgrade?

You can find the full Prusa MK3(S/+) upgrade guide here. 
To upgrade your Prusa MK3 to a Revo Six, here’s what you need to do:

  • Remove your V6
  • Adjust the length of the PTFE tube
  • Swap in the Revo Six
  • Replace the heater and thermistor wires

The upgrade is straightforward, and we’ve already prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out Andrew Sink’s recent Revo Six review, where he upgrades his Prusa MK3S+ to Revo Six



How will Revo improve my Prusa Mini+?

By using Revo Micro, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits we listed earlier, as well as a toolhead that is 30 grams lighter than the stock Prusa Mini+ HotEnd. You won’t need new firmware (or even a PID tune!) and the nozzle is in the same place, so you won’t lose any build area.


How easy is this upgrade?

You can find the parts and guide for the Prusa Mini+ upgrade here. 
To upgrade a Prusa Mini+ to a Revo Micro, here’s what you need to do:

  • Print the new mounting part available here
  • Disassemble your Mini HotEnd
  • Attach your Revo Micro
  • Replace the heater and thermistor wires

Once you’ve got the part printed, the upgrade should only take around an hour.

Again, don’t just take our word for it, check out De3dprintman’s thoughts after finishing the upgrade. 



Is Revo Six a drop-in replacement for MK2?

Revo Six is a drop-in replacement for any machine using a stock V6 HotEnd – the height, diameter, and mounting are identical, so it’s easy to fit into your existing print head.

Stock MK2 printers used a V6, so upgrading to Revo Six will be just as easy as the MK3 upgrade. You can even follow the MK3 upgrade guide although some of the disassembly steps will vary due to the difference in design between the two.


Can I use Revo Micro on my MK3?

Yes, using Revo Micro is possible, but you would need to print new extruder parts as the threaded sink is not compatible with your standard Prusa extruder parts. We recommend using Revo Six as we consider it to be a drop-in replacement that keeps the upgrade process simple.
Revo Micro on the MK3 (📸: FilamentFrenzy)


Start your Prusa upgrade journey today!

Revo Micro, Six and Hemera are already available for pre-order and are scheduled to ship March 2022. Follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Discord for updates.

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