E3D and Modix: Manufacturing partnerships create big results

E3D and Modix: Manufacturing partnerships create big results

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Modix is a Tel-Aviv-based manufacturer of large-format FDM 3D printers. Following their first product launch in 2015, they’ve built up a global customer base serving various industries, including automotive, aviation, and electronics.

After discovering the E3D V6 All-Metal HotEnd, they partnered with E3D and haven’t looked back. Today, their highest-value products rely on the strength of E3D extrusion systems for maximum performance.

 Modix Big-Meter

E3D extrusion systems are an essential part of Modix's large scale 3D printers



Large-format 3D printers aren’t like desktop 3D printers: they need a specialised, high throughput extrusion system for high volumetric flow. Modix had a set of key product requirements:

High uptime. Large-format print jobs can take days to weeks. The extrusion system needed to be robust against mechanical issues like nozzle jams or under-extrusion.

High flow. Large 3D prints need to use thicker line widths, so the extrusion system needed to be capable of extruding material at high volume.

Configurable. Modix’s customers need to print a variety of industrial applications, so the extrusion system needed to be configurable to different nozzle sizes for different use-cases.

Industrial-grade materials. Good extrusion performance was needed to print industrial parts, particularly industrial materials such as Nylon, PP, TPU, PC, and carbon fibre-filled filaments.


Modix found their solution in E3D’s Titan Aero Extruders and SuperVolcano HotEnds:


SuperVolcano hotend
Titan Aero extruders are designed to prevent filament bending, buckling, or jamming on its way to the HotEnd SuperVolcano HotEnds are designed for applications that need high volumetric flow 


SuperVolcano HotEnds put an enormous amount of heat into a large volume of material for high volumetric flow – ideal for printing large-scale, production-ready parts. Combining this with a Titan Aero extruder creates a powerful extrusion system that met all customer needs: 

  • Able to print thicker lines than any standard extrusion system – ideal for large prints
  • Delivers consistent performance over for extended periods
  • Processes all 3D printing materials, including advanced, engineering-grade materials
  • Configurable to a wide-range of use-cases
Modix Big 180

E3D extrusion systems are an integral part of the Modix BIG-180X, and many other Modix 3D printers


Fitting tried-and-tested E3D extrusion systems into their 3D printers meant Modix could minimise engineering risk, shrink R&D costs, and get their products to market significantly faster and cheaper than developing a new extrusion system from scratch. Their partnership with E3D gave them the freedom to focus on other product design aspects without having to worry about the complex engineering challenges of the extrusion system.

It doesn’t stop at manufacturing – Modix is supported by E3D at every step, from engineering consulting, to on-going quality assurance, and even ad-hoc assistance at global trade shows.

"Since day one, E3D has been a partner we can rely on. Our partnership has helped us accelerate product development, and their expertise has been invaluable to us in producing top-quality, reliable machines for our customers."

– Shachar Gafni, CEO of Modix

E3D is more than just a manufacturing house!

Are you ready for your next big product launch? We’re relied on by the biggest OEMs in the 3D printing industry. Whether you need stock components or tailored extrusion solutions, fit your machines with E3D products and your customers will know they perform.

 Become an OEM partner and benefit from our unique service offering:

  • Engineering consultation
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance
  • Co-marketing
  • Dedicated account management
  • Technical support

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