June Competition 2022: Win a Revo HotEnd of your choice!

June Competition 2022: Win a Revo HotEnd of your choice!

TL; DR: 3D print our model and share it with us for a chance to win a Revo HotEnd of your choice!

It's been a busy couple of months here at E3D since our last Competition. We’ve got a lot of exciting products on the way with Revo Voron and more recently Revo Hemera XS already added to the existing Revo line-up. In fact, to celebrate this month’s XS release, we’ve got a Hemera themed competition for you.

This competition features another stress test. However, unlike our previous competitions, this one isn’t just an ornamental design. It is a print in place model that doubles as a fidget toy!

For this model, you’ll need phenomenal bed adhesion, good part cooling and perfect dimensional accuracy.
Do you think your 3D Printer can handle it?



Anyone who successfully prints the model will be entered into a random draw for the top prize! You can choose from:

a Revo Hemera XS single nozzle kit 


a Revo Voron, Micro or Six fully loaded kit


We'll also be looking out for those extra special entries. Get creative! If your entry is our favourite, you can choose from:

a Revo Voron, Micro or Six single nozzle kit



There aren't really any rules for this one - Use whatever material, nozzle size, layer height or scale you want. We wouldn't recommend using support material or a brim though as these will jam the gears!

Print Settings and Tips

Designed for 0.4 Nozzle and 0.2 layer height
Feel free to try other scales, nozzle sizes and layer heights but your results may vary!

Have some extra bed adhesion on hand
The fan running down the centre of the model is only secured by a tiny footprint and is therefore very prone to coming loose from the build plate.

Use some lubricant or grease on the gears if you have it
The gears might feel a little jammed/stiff when you first get the print off the bed. Adding a little grease can help the gears to run more smoothly and continuously. If the gears are totally stuck, your dimensional accuracy or print quality might be to blame. 

Where can I find the model?

As usual, we're hosting the model on Printables. Download it here!
We also have a dedicated Discord show-off and support channel for the competition. You can use this to show off your attempts or ask us for pointers if you're struggling. Or just drop by and say hello!

How do I enter?

Send a photo or video of your print on  Twitter,  Instagram,  Facebook, or our Discord. If you prefer, you can even submit it as a make on Printables. Remember to tag us and use #E3DXS! The competition will close at midnight (BST) on June 27th, and we will announce the winner the following day!

Download the model here!

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