Join the REVOlution! Pre-order RapidChange Revo™ today

Join the REVOlution! Pre-order RapidChange Revo™ today

Sanjay and Revo

Sanjay was passionate about making RapidChange Revo a reality. Thanks to the direction and vision of Sanjay and his team, E3D have created a product ecosystem that makes 3D printing easier, more reliable, and more accessible for everyone.

Getting Revo into the hands of the 3D printing community was something very close to Sanjay’s heart, and we intend to do him proud. Let’s get on with the show.



Pre-order Revo from E3D today

We're pleased to announce that Revo Hemera, Revo Six, Revo Micro, Revo Nozzles, plus other Revo accessories in our new Revo ecosystem are available for pre-order NOW!

Whatever 3D printer you use, Revo allows you to rapidly change nozzles, making it easier to use the right tool for each job or material.

  • Need to 3D print something fast? An 0.80mm Revo Nozzle is perfect for a thicker extrusion width to cut down on print time – ideal for large 3D prints.
  • Need to print objects with crisp details? An 0.25mm Revo Nozzle helps you achieve a fine extrusion width for higher print resolution and smaller, more detailed objects.
  • Running multiple 3D printers on a deadline? If a nozzle becomes blocked or jammed, simply swap it out for a new one (we’re selling them in multipacks!) Each nozzle change refreshes the area that’s been in contact with molten plastic, so you can get back to 3D printing with minimal machine downtime.
Revo Nozzles from E3D

Revo Nozzles include colour-coded 'tipsocks' for rapid size identification


Revo Nozzle changes are easy. Simply unscrew the nozzle with your fingers at room temperature, and then screw in a new one. That’s it – no tools, no hot-tightening, no fuss. Because the nozzle and HeatBreak are integrated into a single factory-sealed unit, there’s zero chance of plastic leaking.

We’re ready to produce more Revo Nozzles to adapt your 3D printer to all kinds of use cases. High flow and high temperature options are already in progress, as well as a wear-resistant ‘Revo ObXidian’ nozzle for abrasive and composite materials. Keep in touch with us for Revo updates as they become available!





Besides nozzles, we’ve developed an entirely new heater technology for Revo. Our compact new HeaterCore is smaller, neater, and more robust than traditional heaterblocks. It's designed with a safer positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater that reduces power as it gets hotter, drastically reducing the maximum thermal runaway temperature and associated hazards.

Revo HeaterCore The Revo HeaterCore is the latest heating and sensing technology from E3D


Get your hands on Revo

After your Revo pre-order is placed, we’ll keep you up to date on the status of your items via email.

Revo production lines are running, but we are still spooling up to full capacity. When parts are ready (estimated March 2022), they’ll be shipped to you wherever you are in the world!

(While you wait, why not brush up on the Revo documentation already available in our Help Centre?)


Pre-order pricing 

RapidChange Revo pre-order pricing


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Sanjay’s foundation

We’ve been overwhelmed with the outpouring of supportive messages from the 3D printing community and beyond following the sad news about Sanjay. Our most heartfelt thanks go out to everyone for being such wonderful humans during such a challenging time.

Lots of you on our Discord have expressed your ideas and desire to donate to Sanjay’s foundation. Rest assured we're working hard to get this organised. Bringing it together in a way that honours him properly will take time, so please bear with us. We’ll be sure to update you on our blog, on our socials, and on Discord when we have more news.


Merry Christmas from everyone at E3D! Ho-ho-HotEnds.


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