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E3D Valentine's day competition 2022

E3D Valentine’s day competition 2022


With another special occasion around the corner, it’s time for another competition. This one is a little different though…


…this time we'll be putting your 3D printer to the test

In our last few competitions, we’ve graded you on your modelling skills, creative flair, and material selections.
This time, we will be testing the limits of your 3D printer.

This Valentine’s day, we want you to show your printer some love and have a go at 3D printing our torture test.
Fair warning, this is NOT supposed to be an easy print!

This print will test your printer's z-offset and bed adhesion. Good part cooling is also crucial with lots of tricky overhangs and some integral bridging. If that wasn't enough, it's also very prone to stringing! 



We were so impressed by the number of high-quality Spoolble entries last time around that we decided to up the prize pool this time:

1st place – Fully Loaded Revo Micro/Six
2nd place – Single Nozzle Revo Micro/Six
Last place – £25 store credit

Yes, you read that right! We'll be offering a 'last place' prize – for the person with a 3D print so bad, we will literally give you some funds to upgrade your 3D printer.



  • 0.4 nozzle, 0.2 layer height, 100% scale
    The model is designed specifically for this nozzle size, layer height and scale.
  • No post-processing
    You can’t clean off your print once it’s finished. We want to be able to see every tiny imperfection. 
  • No support material, brims, or rafts
    Pretty self-explanatory 
  • Good quality photos and videos please
    Presentation is important. Close-up images or videos please. We'd really love to see some time-lapses!

You can use whatever filament you like. Bonus points for notoriously difficult ones. Feel free to throw some colour changes in there. We aren’t limiting entries so why not show off all your attempts, good and bad!


    Where do I find the model?

    As with all of our recent models, we've decided to host this one on PrusaPrinters.

    We also have a dedicated Discord show-off and support channel for the competition. You can use this to show off your attempts or ask us for pointers if you're struggling. Or just drop by and say hello!

    How do I enter?

    Post your entries on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or our Discord. If you prefer, you can even submit it as a make on PrusaPrinters. Just remember to use #HeartE3D

    The competition will close at Midnight (GMT) on the 14th of February and we will be announcing the winner the following day!


    Get involved!

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