E3D meets NERO 3D

E3D meets NERO 3D

TL;DR: We chatted to NERO 3D, one of the top 3D printing YouTubers today. We discuss his channel, his experience using Revo, and lots of other things.


Meet NERO 3D

NERO 3D has caught our attention in the last year or so. His popular YouTube channel is chocked full of in-depth product reviews and 3D printer build livestreams, including a lot of E3D stuff!

He was also a key contributor during the Revo beta we ran through 2020 – 2021, and he’s turned into one of our biggest Revo evangelists since then.

After we interviewed Chris Riley from Chris’s Basement, we asked Nero if he wanted to get featured on our website. He was very excited about the idea, so here we are!

 Nero 3D

It’s NERO 3D!

Welcome Nero! Is your name really Nero?

Nope, actually my name is Taylor. Back when I was signing up for Battle.net and StarCraft, I needed an account name. The family computer at the time had ‘Nero Burning ROM’ installed. I thought it sounded cool, and the name has stuck around in some form since then.


I used to use that to burn CDs! How about 3D printing? How did you get into that?

I’ve been interested in it for a while. I worked in the injection mold industry for years and a co-worker built one of the old-school threaded rod Prusa Mendel machines. He showed me some things he’d 3D printed, and I thought it was pretty interesting.


What was the first thing you ever 3D printed? And what machine did you use to do it?

My first 3D printer was a MonoPrice Select Mini my wife bought me for Christmas in 2017. My first 3D print was the Lucky Cat demo that came with it. I still have that 3D print in my toolbox at work!


It seems to be bringing you lots of luck – your YouTube channel is going from strength to strength. When did you start making videos? What kind of stuff would you like to do in future?

Thanks! Back in 2006 I started uploading random World of Warcraft videos on my personal account. For years, it was just the odd random video from my hobbies at the time. When I got involved in the Voron Design team, that changed.


Revo Voron by E3D. Faster, lighter, REDDER


At first the channel started with some quick tip videos, then tutorials, guides, then livestreams, and when the Covid lockdowns started, that kept me quite busy.

Lately I've been pushing to diversify into more ‘not Voron’ 3D printing-related content, and other tech-related things that I find interesting.


What’s your favourite E3D product so far?

It’s got to be the Revo ecosystem! I’ve been sold on it since I got the first beta unit in my hands.

In my opinion, Revo is one of the biggest advancements I've been excited for in the 3D printing community. It has a lot of quality-of-life improvements, and it simplifies so many things, particularly nozzle changes.


You’ve had a production Revo unit for a while now. How does it compare to the beta one?

You can tell everything’s been refined since the beta units. The fit, finish, and polish are nicely improved, plus all the stuff you guys learned from the community during the beta has been implemented well.



What are the best aspects about Revo to you?

Revo is compact, robust, doesn’t leak or ooze, there’s no more hot tightening, and no more burning fingers changing nozzles. What’s not to love?!


“You can tell everything’s been refined since the beta units. The fit, finish, and polish are nicely improved, plus all the stuff you guys learned from the community during the beta has been implemented well.”


You’ve built an awful lot of Voron 3D printers. How many more do you plan to build?

At the moment I have eight ‘assembled and printing’ machines, and two kits awaiting completion. Several of the assembled ones have also been rebuilt a few times as hardware revisions have been pushed out. So yes, many builds!

Since they’re also part of my main channel content, I try to build all the models and new revisions to help those that use the build series as guides.


What’s your HotEnd of choice for your next Voron build? 😉

My HotEnd of choice? Well, let’s just say the current build has a shiny new Revo Voron waiting for it!!


Revo Voron from E3D is the HotEnd of choice for Voron 3D printers. It's rigid mounted and  uses tool-free nozzle swaps to adapt it to different use cases with ease


We’d love to see more of your workshop. Got any pictures to show us?

Sure, here are some shots (angled carefully to hide the mess, haha!)

Nero workshop
Nero workshop E3D

(Join our Discord to send us pictures of your own 3D printing workspace, too.)


“Revo is compact, robust, doesn’t leak or ooze, there’s no more hot tightening, and no more burning fingers changing nozzles. What’s not to love?!” 


How many 3D printers do you have now? (Including all the the Vorons)

I have eight Vorons, four off-the-shelf FDM machines, two resin machines, a Bonsai DIY build, and a RatRig V-Minion currently in the works.


Your Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder build looks pretty cool. How’s that going?

After spending the time to tune it, it’s been great. It’s an awesome customisable, expandable, open source MMU.


An open source MMU! 


Besides 3D printers, what are your favourite tools to use?

While I don’t have one at home (…yet!) my favourite tool is a Bridgeport milling machine. Manual machining was something I picked up at my last job and it’s something I’d love to be able to do outside of work.


What’s the best 3D printing industry show you’ve been to so far? Any shows lined up in your calendar this year?

Unfortunately, I started really getting into the content creation game right around the time the whole Covid thing started, so due to lockdowns, cancellations and travel restrictions, I haven’t been able to attend any yet.

3D printing events Nero

Hopefully with things opening up this year, that should change. I've got Rapid + TCT Detroit and MRRF nearby, so I hope to attend those, and maybe even ERCF if things work out.


Ever been to Oxford before? You’re welcome to come and visit us.

I haven’t even been outside of North America yet. Someday I’d like to!


Time for some stupid questions: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Eight cords.


If you were to appoint a president of the Internet, who would it be and why?

I’d choose a cat. But they already control it, we just don’t know it.


If you could change what falls from the sky every time it rains, what would you choose instead?

Gotta go with the classic: Donuts.


Most important question: next time we can all meet, what drink can we get you?

I like Whiskey. I've got some Canadian Whiskeys I could bring along, too.


Thanks Nero!

You can follow Nero on his YouTube channel and on Twitter.

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