Written by Will Hardy


E3D's Halloween Competition 2022: Win an ObXidian Nozzle!

TL; DR: 3D print our model and share it with us for a chance to win a Revo ObXidian Nozzle!

It’s been a good few months since our last competition and with Halloween on the way, we thought it’d be fitting to ‘torture’ your printer with another one of our stress tests! Don’t be fooled by the cute spider, it’s not as easy as it looks. Best to keep an eye on this one as it's printing. There's lots that can go wrong!


We’ve got some exceptionally good prizes up for grabs this time too. We’ve got 3 Revo ObXidian Nozzles to give away (0.6mm)! What's more, these 3 Nozzles are ready to ship so if you win one, you'll be getting it slightly earlier than expected. If you haven’t heard about ObXidian, you’ll want to read this blog. .

We will be randomly drawing 2 winners from all submissions, and we will also be selecting our favourite entry!


No supports (obviously!) You can use whatever filament, layer height, and nozzle size you want, but we’d recommend following our sizing guidelines:

  • 0.15 Nozzle – 37.5% Scale
  • 0.25 Nozzle – 62.5% Scale
  • 0.4 Nozzle – 100% Scale
  • 0.6 Nozzle – 150% Scale
  • 0.8 Nozzle – 200% Scale


Make sure the web has been sliced correctly in your slicer of choice. If the web doesn’t build correctly, your spider won’t either. Great part cooling is the key here! Z-hop is also going to be your friend for this one.

You don’t have to have a Toolchanger or MMU to make your print colourful, just use some well placed filament changes mid print!

Where can I find the model?

As usual, the model is only available on Printables. Download it here! 

We also have a dedicated Discord show-off and support channel for the competition. You can use this to show off your attempts or ask us for pointers if you're struggling. Or just drop by and say hello!

How do I enter?

Send a photo or video of your print on Twitter,  Instagram,  Facebook, LinkedIn or our Discord. If you prefer, you can even submit it as a make on Printables. Remember to tag us and use #E3DSpider! The competition will close at midnight (GMT) on October 31st, and we will announce the winners the following day!