E3D’s TCT 3Sixty highlights

E3D’s TCT 3Sixty highlights

After a year of cancelled events, things are finally getting back to normal! This meant we were able to visit TCT this year and catch up with our friends in the 3D printing industry.

This year’s E3D booth dominated our exhibition hall, with shiny new professional branding, new OEM case studies, and a hugely positive response to the announcement of our brand new HotEnd ecosystem – RapidChange Revo.

Team E3D at TCT 3Sixty 2021

Our biggest booth yet! Some of the team at TCT 3Sixty, Birmingham NEC, Stand E51


Here are our top five highlights:

1. We announced RapidChange Revo

We announced the first three members of our new RapidChange Revo ecosystem: Revo Micro, Revo Six, and Revo Hemera. Each of these HotEnds are set to include 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm brass RapidChange nozzles when they launch later in the year. Read more in the announcement blog.

The response to our announcement was glowing, with press coverage from 3D Printing Industry, All 3DP, Electronics Weekly, and our good friend Vector 3D:

Sanjay introduces our new RapidChange Revo HotEnd ecosystem


Sanjay and Adam from Vector3D discussing RapidChange Revo HotEnds for FDM 3D printers
Behind the scenes!


2. We were joined by two YouTube superstars

Popular YouTubers James Bruton and Matt Denton (a.k.a. MantisRobot) joined us on the E3D booth with their impressive 3D printed creations.


Matt Denton and James Bruton

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Josh with ObXidian 3D printing nozzles next to openDog by James Bruton

Josh posing next to James Bruton’s openDog



Teula test driving Matt Denton’s giant Lego Go-Kart (made entirely of PLA!)


3. We revealed Lightweight Hemera is in the works

You’re in for a treat! After so much community demand, we’re going to release a lightweight Hemera featuring a smaller, lighter stepper motor. This takes approximately 100g of mass off your motion system for extra speed, and has all the advantages of RapidChange Revo, too. The latest pre-production parts were on display at our booth. We’ll reveal more about this as it develops…

‘Classic’ Revo Hemera vs. a pre-production Lightweight Revo Hemera

‘Classic’ Revo Hemera vs. a pre-production Lightweight Revo Hemera. Image courtesy of Vector 3D


4. We introduced ObXidian nozzles

Besides RapidChange Revo and Lightweight Hemera, another innovation we’re bringing into the 3D printing market is our latest V6-compatible nozzle – ObXidian. These unique wear-resistant nozzles have significantly more wear resistance than Nozzle X, thanks to a reduced diamond-like carbon coating, which we’ve decided to call E3DLC™.

The engineering behind these nozzles means you can 3D print advanced composites without the usual print speed or temperature tweaks –  just use the same slicing settings as you would use for a regular brass nozzle.

We’ll be talking more about this very soon, and don’t worry – there’s a Revo-compatible version coming, too!


 Josh introduces our new ObXidian nozzles


Josh and Adam from Vector3D discussing ObXidian nozzles for FDM 3D printers

 Behind the scenes!


5. We got a ToolChanger onto Linus Tech Tips!

Our ToolChanger research platform was featured on our TCT booth, complete with Hemera toolheads and RapidChange nozzles. But what was more exciting to us is YouTube megastar Linus Tech Tips launched his latest video on his channel to millions of viewers all over the world!

See the full video from Linus Tech Tips.

E3D ToolChanger Linus Tech Tips

We have arrived. Sanjay and Greg's reaction

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In other news, we recently made the shortlist for the 3D Printing Industry Awards. Shortlists are now open for voting until the 20th of October. Cast your votes here.

Follow our blog or chat with us on Discord for up-to-the minute E3D updates. And don’t forget to reserve your place in the queue for RapidChange when it goes on sale later in the year!


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