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spoolWorks Scaffold Soluble Support Filament

spoolWorks Scaffold Soluble Support Filament

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Scaffold is a water-soluble and break-away support filament that actually works.

Scaffold offers total design freedom, helping you to create complex geometries and complete functioning mechanisms in a single print (with no worries about overhangs!). Part of E3D’s spoolWorks range, Scaffold works best with our Edge and PLA filaments.

For a complete overview of Scaffold and what makes it so special, please see our blog.


• Can be broken away or dissolved from prints in normal tap water
• PVA/PVOH-based but easy to print with low viscosity
• Exhaustively tested for exceptional quality
• Lower heat degradation and easily purged from nozzles
• Designed for perfect compatibility with spoolWorks Edge
• Shipped in a re-sealable bag with desiccant for exceptional dryness

Advised print settings

• BED TEMP: From 20°C to 55C ideally, but will cope with bed temperatures as high as 110°C
• PRINT SPEED: ~50mm/s

Cautionary notes and advice

• You will need to create specific slicer settings to make the best of Scaffold.
• Scaffold needs to be kept dry, use the supplied resealable bag, or even better use this specially designed in-bag spool holder.
• Scaffold will degrade if kept for extended periods in a hot nozzle. Do not allow Scaffold to rest in the nozzle at temperature or you risk clogging and damaging the nozzle.
• Please read the documentation in order to use Scaffold at it's full potential

Note: All 3D printers are unique so adjust settings to taste!

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