Written by Clare Difazio


Ringing the changes - Revo levels up from good to great

Well, hey there! It’s been a minute since we first began shipping Revo. 2 years, actually, since the first orders went out of the door. During that time a lot has happened:

  • 4 nozzles has become > 40 nozzle variants
  • Revo max temp moved from 300° to 500°C
  • We’ve boosted flow rate by 70%
  • Revo is factory-fit on several printers
  • Shipped >¼ Million Revo nozzles (& counting)


Until today, to get what you wanted, you had to buy a basic Revo kit for your 3D printer – and THEN, buy the HeaterCore upgrade, buy the right nozzle, add the right parts to suit your needs.

Until today, if you managed to forget to set the Z height, and you crashed your nozzle into the bed, you had to fork out full price for a replacement. Ouch.

Until today, Revo was great - but now, it’s even better.

Our team have been gathering feedback on

  • Your everyday use of Revo
  • What you really want to receive in your kits
  • What’s the best value to you
  • What you are most worried about

As a result, Revo is getting a bit of a refresh. You can find the new product structure (and new pricing!) on our site right now, and through key E3D resellers.

Here’s a download of the changes we’re making:

Price drops for key parts. <3

The most commonly upgraded/replaced parts are standard nozzles, followed by HeaterCores. We have dropped these prices, permanently, by up to 40%. How have we done this? Well, running consistently high volumes over a period of time, we’ve been able to optimise process times, decrease QC failure rates, and generally improve supply chain. We’re confident enough in the improvements to be able to pass the cost savings on to you. This is highly satisfying, TBH. As passionate 3D printer users ourselves, we know how expensive they can be. Whilst premium quality will never be the cheapest on the market, and rightly so , Revo is now very affordable AND still of the highest quality.

Pricing Updates (1).jpg__PID:ab92bc8f-6705-4112-b15a-3294aad3fb63

HeaterCores and key Revo nozzles are now far more affordable <3

Expensive upgrade path, be gone.

Now that there are 40 nozzles to choose from, you don’t want to be stuck with a load of brass nozzles if you’re going to primarily print carbon fibre or are seeking super-fast output.

However, we also know it’s handy to have a few spares knocking around ‘just in case’. More on that shortly.

So, the core ‘HotEnd’ kits have been restructured. This has a two-fold effect:

  • Shorter upgrade path.
  • Cheaper entry price.
Old vs New.jpg__PID:37c3ddf0-9f81-4331-a565-3b84ab92bc8f

The new Revo product structure means you get the performance you're after, out of the box.

Choose your Printer. Choose your use case. Done

On the new E3D Revo configuration page you can select your 3D printer by Brand & Model, and you’ll be presented with compatible ColdSides and HotSide bundles. No more confusion about which kit you need.

Key E3D resellers will also be stocking the same improved kits from now on.

Coldside + Hotside.jpg__PID:ddf09f81-1331-4565-bb84-ab92bc8f6705

Buildable Revo kits to make your 3D printer happy.


Back to those handy spares just ‘knocking around’ the workshop. We are throwing in value-add products to every Revo HotSide bundle. From 0.4 brass Revo nozzles, 0.25 brass for precision printing in the Genius packs, and sock packs for all the colourful thermal protection your Revo needs.

At only £40, even the entry-level Starter Pack has a 0.4 Revo nozzle thrown in to get you starting on your RapidChange™ journey.

Standard Starter Pack Social.jpg__PID:9f811331-6565-4b84-ab92-bc8f67057112

The new revo starter pack for those starting out on their journey.

Massive discounts for Hardcore Hobbyists and Proficient Professionals.

You want the moon. You want to print fast, hard, high temp, tiny prints, incredible detail, and you want to pick and choose at whim. You have more than one printer, and those printers need Revo in their lives.

The Genius packs are probably right up your street. Not only do they include £25 of free products, the bundle itself is an incredible 30% off standard RRP.

Relaunch Social Graphics.jpg__PID:13316565-3b84-4b92-bc8f-67057112715a

I don't seem to have enough nozzles... Revo Genius Pack

Putting our money where our mouth/s is/are.

Does a company even have a mouth? This analogy isn’t great… but the Experimentation Discount we’re launching today really is.

Of course, your standard warranty applies, and that won’t change. We’ll still be here to support, troubleshoot, and help you level up your 3D printer when you convert to Revo.

But a standard warranty doesn’t cover those ‘interesting’ moments. When you’re so excited about getting printing, you forget to level your bed. When you’re distracted and forget to actually screw the nozzle in (yes this happens..!).

Whilst you’re setting up and mastering your new Revo set-up, you might make mistakes. We’re hobbyists too, so we’ve been there and we know the pain of having to fork out to replace a perfectly awesome nozzle because you’ve done a stupid.

Relaunch Social Graphics (1).jpg__PID:65653b84-ab92-4c8f-a705-7112715a3294

If you screw up by not screwing it in, we'll cover half your Revo nozzle replacement cost.

E3D will cover half the cost of your replacement Revo nozzle when the error is yours and yours alone. Just contact us via support. We want to help you succeed with 3D printing, and make it a joy, not a headache. Of course ‘terms and conditions apply’ blah blah so the small print can be found here.

So in summary, from today you will have

  • Cheaper Revo nozzles & HeaterCores
  • Cheaper Revo kits
  • Pre-selected, performance-focused Revo kits to choose from
  • 50% coverage for user error
  • Free value-add products in every bundle pack

If you are still thinking about whether to upgrade your Prusa, Voron, Creality or custom 3D printer to Revo, what are you waiting for?!

Level up now

Click to Build your own Revo HotEnd