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Integration to the core

For ease of use, Revo integrates key HotEnd components:

  • Each Revo Nozzle is actually a nozzle and heatbreak in a single assembly. It's factory-sealed, completely removing the hassle of hot tightening, so nozzle changes are quicker and easier than ever.
  • The thermistor and heater are integrated into a single unit – a Revo HeaterCore. With a maximum temperature of 300°C (and a high-temp variant coming soon), the Revo HeaterCore has drastically faster heat-up times than any HotEnd we've produced before – and any others we've tested, too!
  • We've designed the Revo HeaterCore with a positive temperature coefficient. This means power reduces as it gets hotter, minimising hazards in the event of a thermal runaway.

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Use the right tool for the job

Each Revo Nozzle carries a colour-coded silicone sock and is metal-engraved with easy-to-read numbers, so you can identify nozzle sizes at a glance.

At launch, we're introducing 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm brass Revo Nozzles to cover the most popular 3D printing use cases. More Revo Nozzles are coming soon, so keep an eye out for updates on our blog!

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An expanding range

We're releasing Revo-compatible coldsides for some E3D classics:

Revo Six is a drop-in replacement for any E3D V6-fitted 3D printer. It has the same length, diameter, and groove mounting as its predecessor, for a quick and easy upgrade process that gives you all the benefits of the Revo ecosystem.

Revo Hemera combines exceptional dual-drive extrusion force with a specially milled sink that adds compatibility for Revo Nozzles. Excel with challenging materials, and swap nozzles in no time!

And introducing…

Revo Micro. An entirely new aluminium cold side with the strength and low thermal conductivity of titanium. It's ultra-lightweight, so besides rapid nozzle changes you can squeeze more speed performance from your motion system. With a tiny, ultra-quiet fan and anodised black heatsink, it runs as cool as it looks.

Whatever your application, there's a Revo solution for you

Development for Revo isn't over yet! Now we've created the architecture, we can release new Revo ecosystem variants that boost your 3D printer's performance and accessibility.

What's on our roadmap?

  • Drop-in Revo upgrades for the most popular consumer 3D printers available today
  • A high temperature Revo HeaterCore for advanced 3D printing applications
  • A Revo ObXidian nozzle for abrasive and composite filaments

Be the first to know about Revo updates and tell us what you'd like to see. Keep in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, LinkedIn, and follow us on the E3D blog!

Partner with us

We work with top OEMs in the 3D printing industry. If you're an equipment manufacturer who is interested in integrating Revo technology into your machine, contact our sales team to explore available options.

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